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Protection Plan | Elgin Furniture

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Chances are, you have a few reasons at home to make sure your furniture stays protected. Never cry over spilled milk again when you accident-proof your new home furnishings for just pennies a day.

What's Covered

-ALL accidental stains (excluding accumulation). This includes unknown stains
-Burns, rips, tears, punctures
-Water or Beverage Marks or Rings
-Accidental scratches penetrating the top coat finish or hard surfaces
-Accidental dents, gouges or chipping of hard surfaces
-Seam Separation and Tufting
-Peeling of the finish of solid wood or veneer surfaces
-Failure of assembled joints of solid or veneered wood
-Loss of silvering on mirrors
-Breaking of frames
-Breakage of springs
-Mechanism of sleeper or recliners including heaters and vibrators
-Breakage of glass or mirrors
-Failure of electrical components
-Lifting of veneers
-Checking, cracking, bubbling or peeling of wood finish

What's Not Covered

-Paint, bleach, corrosives, acids, x-coded fabrics, non-color fast fabric, color fade from sunlight, mold, mildew odor, accumulated soiling, build-up of body/hair oils, natural markings or characteristics in leather

-Wear and tear, mishandling, abuse, neglect, or failure to comply with manufacturers instructions

-Damage to electrical components arising from improper installation, moisture, liquid spills, lightning, power failures and/or power surges, or physical damage

-Physical damage from animals

-Product damage in transit, ie: moving, relocation or storage

-Product sold in "as-is" condition

-Product used in public area, rental or commercial environment

-Acts of God, fraud, intentional acts, war or hostilities

-Damage covered by any insurance program

-Peeling, cracking